TestU: Helping Teachers and Helping Learners

The goal of the project TestU Online is the creation of a free, multilingual, online e-learning platform that will enable users to quickly and easily create exercises, quizzes and tests, primarily for learning languages. Adam Mickiewicz University is one of five partners engaged in this international endeavour. Most of those representing AMU are from the Hungarian Department of the Institute of Ethnolinguistics.

Recently, they took part in a two-day meeting (September 27-28, 2021) in Graz, Austria along with the other four partners (E@I from Slovakia, Leipzig University from Germany, Vilnius University from Lithuania and the bit schulungscenter from Austria). The TestU Online project is funded by Erasmus+ with support from the European Commission. When completed, the platform will mainly be used by teachers, coaches, lecturers and their pupils. The free programs will provide instructors with useful tools both for classroom teaching and for evaluating student progress.

AMU represented in a multi-national team creating a free online learning platform